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•Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note II Buy 2 Get 1 free Christmas Sales Promo


•Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note II Buy 2 Get 1 free Christmas Sales Promo

•All prices are holesale and includes Insurance, Tax and Postage Fees.

•Samsung Galaxy S3 64GB unlocked: $350 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy S3 32GB unlocked: $320 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB unlocked: $300 USD.

•Samsung Galaxy Note II: $420 USD

•Samsung Galaxy S 2 Plus: $300 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy S: $300 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy Ace: $350 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy S 2:$250 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi 16GB: $350 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy Note: $220 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G: $250 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy Y: $300 USD.
•Samsung Galaxy W: $280 UD.
•Samsung U380 Brightside: $300.
•Samsung Galaxy Player 70 plus: $350.
•Samsung Galaxy Pocket: $350.
•Samsung Galaxy Beam: $320.
•Samsung Galaxy Prevail: $300.00.
•Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket: $260.00.
•Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL: $300.00.

•At this time we are offering free postage service plus 1 free unit for the purchase of 2 units and 30% discount if you buy from 5 units and above. All the products from our company comes with 12 months international warranty and 90 days return policy.

•Serious buyers only. No shipping to Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

•Thank you for your patronage! We truly enjoy working with you and feel honored to be your chosen gadgets supplier. Your business is much appreciated, and we will do our very best to continue to meet your needs. Your continued patronage and suggestions are a vital part of our growth. And for that, we are most grateful. Thanks again! We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Tell: +447024032167
E-mail: applebyproductslimited@gmail.com
Website: http://applebyproductslimited.miiduu.com

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